Hello, with a view to the twin purpose of writing blogs on two parallel subjects, I divide my blog category into two: one is Home-decor emphasizing on minimalist and ethnic ideas and the other one is Health which is a traditional and problematic field with ever-increasing health hazards due to inorganic nature of modern-day living. With the massive use of technology, today’s millennial population all the world over are facing a kind of like unstable lifestyle like never before. I would like to emphasize on this subject with a view to some sort of organic solution about how to be healthy with just tweaking a few things.

On the other hand, there remains always a possibility of making our homes more beautiful with the help of a few creative ideas in a minimalist way by just tweaking also a few things. For example, madurkathi or the madur-reed fiber is essentially a newer term but make sure it is being used in a modern-day home the world over because of its nature-friendly and biodegradable characteristics. A madur reed that is essentially madur grass fiber has got more tensile strength than Jute fiber. Now, if a geometrically designed madur-make spread mat is fixed at the center of four walls in a room applying applique art on it, the whole ambient of the room will look more elegant and classy.

Here is a post which you might find useful and entertaining in the category of health.

Sports Injury

Sports Injury definition

Direct body-contact sports like Football, Rugby, Boxing, and even Cricket, sometimes, prone to be fatal as when a batsman happens to face a deadly delivery whizzing past his ear lobes and a fraction of a second’s misjudging of timing — and you’re gone!

There are several causes of sports injuries. For example, suppose on a given day somewhere in a crucial football match , a key player is half-fit due to injury caused in a previous encounter and the coach find it no other way out but to field the injured player in the final match in the hope of getting the better of his opponent to snatch, anyhow, a victory. And there is no dearth of instances that are happening this kind of thing in the professional sports world, jeopardizing a sportsman’s future at stake. But, after all, an accident is an accident.

                Sometimes, an overseas player just reaches after a long jet lag and within an hour participates in a game and that might be the cause of an injury as that said player takes on to the field without any warm-up and thereby meeting the professional commitments causing further bruises, sprains, soft tissue damage like muscles, ligaments, tendons, hamstrings, groins, etc, that may be affected. It may also cause Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) caused by a sudden and severe impact on the head as it is also prevalent on motorsports, motor-bike race and as I said earlier in Cricket et al.

                   Ligament injury is common among body-contact sports that may occur due to sudden direction change, fall and from a direct concussion to the knee. The Anterior Cruciate Ligament— as it is technically called — is the mainstay to help the knee joint together and when this function disrupted all the hell break loose.

             As in bypass surgery, a patient’s layers of veins are taken from any part of the body and then being grafted those in the affected area; similarly, in a severely damaged ligament, surgery becomes inevitable depending on other related factors. There is some other way of healing which I will discuss later on.

Sports injuries that can lead to death

Human beings are adventurous by nature. Men can’t leave with food and water alone; His innate sense of adventurism and restlessness to conquer the unknown and dangerous takes a human being enjoying something thrilling no matter how much fatal could that be. Here are examples of some of the most dangerous sports in the world:

Car racing

Car racing is possibly one of the deadliest sports in the world. 1955 horror tragedy possibly can be marked as the deadliest one in the history of motorsports. In that soft and breezing afternoon in Le Mans in northern France, Mercedes-Benz driver Pierre Levegh lost control and collided his car wrecking the safety barrier violently inside the spectators stand killing 83 people. That accident is still remembered as the darkest day in the history of motorsports.

Hey, watch out this video:


Mushing is a kind of sledge dog race with dangerous consequences. Mushers (or the drivers of dog sledges) began in the year 1973 in the US state of Alaska as an event to test the best sledge dog mushers. In that race, mushers and the team of 14 dogs must reach the towline or for that matter, touchline of spreading over 938 miles crosses the distance within 8 — 15 days or more. (Resource: Wikipedia).

               It is easier said than done. In the minus 50° temperature with the severe cold wind that spreads through almost impregnable icy terrain mile after mile. The greatest of victims in this ferocious sport have been the dogs dying in large numbers. Some people take it as a normal lifestyle and undertake that horrific and lethal journey to win the impossible where deaths prowling at every moment notwithstanding, hardly deter the brave-hearts undertaking the mission; ignoring snow –bites and bruised body blows in search of thrills. 

Watch out this video:

Rock Climbing

The very name is self-explanatory along with unavoidable risks and uncertainty that involves this dangerous sport. The insane endurance level and courage that requires being a rock climber also records the highest percentage of death throughout the world.


This is Afghanistan’s national sport and deemed to be one of the dangerous sports in the world. This is very popular in the tribal region of Afghanistan supervised by tribal heads of states and it also involves a lot of prestige winning the coveted recognition.

               The sport involves horse-riders pulling a goat-Caracas by a number of horse-riders to reach out to the arena. During the race, it was a free-for-all as in that jostling everyone tries to get past the opponents and, therefore, pulling of hair from behind and grabbing the opponents from his horse causes fatal injuries and, sometimes, even death.

Watch out this video:


It is one of the most obsessive sports in the world and a free-for-all among the participants as no one willing to stop until one gets severely injured in this cruel body-contact game.

            Once the rhythmic pattern is restored in a match each and every participant fall under its magical obsession until one stop by a bruised jaw or for that matter, with lethal injuries. It is also considered to be one of the deadliest sports in the world.

These are a few examples among the most dangerous sports in the world which is not possible to include all those others in the small space of this post.

Common Sports Injuries and it’s preventive suggestion

Among some of the most dangerous sports on the planet that we come across above, we will discuss the injuries occur in the most popular sports like Football, gymnastics and the outdoor sport’s new offshoot: cheerleading. Among the most common football injuries can be classified as per the following:


 Sometimes overuse training schedules to meet up the professional commitments have had its bad effects on footballers, particularly one of the most common complaints being constant back pain. This happens when a player goes beyond his bodily ability to recover fast. Quadriceps Strengthening Exercise could be an ideal method to avoid surgery. Please watch out this educational video.

Sports Medicine


Dr. David Geier is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in South Carolina in the US.  He loves writing about sports medicine and the allied research associated with this particular genre. Let us take it as an example in his own words about his displeasure about sports medicine therapists or doctors. His anguish is evident as he puts it: “We hear the team doctors and the orthopaedic surgeons who treat the injuries of professional college athletes mentioned all the time. Rarely do the men and women who rehabilitate those athletes get the credit they deserve.”  He points out the need as well as the importance of Physical Therapy after a complex musculoskeletal surgery.

            Dr Geier invited some of the orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians to share their thoughts on Social Media and every one of them blatantly supported the view that after surgery a patient’s recovery dependent on post-operative rehab was done by the physical therapist than the surgery itself.

Sports Medicine as a niche

Sports and other activity related injuries are the most common phenomenon the world over. In this relatively new subject, the new millennium sports medicine speciality has emerged as indispensable not only for athletes but also among the general citizens due to the hectic lifestyle that we lead.

              It goes without saying that sports medicine specialists and surgeons are making no less a role than the athletes operating from behind silently. Today’s professionals can’t think of getting along without the help of a sports medicine specialist or a surgeon. A sports physical trainer can make a big difference for a footballer, a track athlete or a gymnast or whatever in the category of risky sports to perform in a more sustainable way to prolong one’s career.

Sports Medicine as a scalable regimen

Sports medicine specialists chart out scalable training programs for each athlete based on the individual needs of an athlete. It is not just putting all eggs in the same basket as the body’s metabolism and endurance level and, above all, an athlete’s individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses differ from each other.

Cutting-edge technology

Sports doctors and individuals nowadays use the latest techniques and tools to help restore regaining functions to injured areas. The notable among them is platelet-rich plasma therapy and stem-cell therapy.

                Specialists also give advice to athletes regarding pre-emptive measures on how to avoid further injuries and in making the decision when to return to play by conducting pre-participation physical tests. So the whole regimen is scalable as per individual need and anatomical strengths and weaknesses.

Can Sports injuries cause depression: psychological trauma?

A few days back, the whole world saw the miserable face of tennis player Andy Murray for his career-threatening hip injury. Players have had to go on, sometimes, to meet his/her professional commitment no matter how his/her physical condition is and, therefore, have to drag on in the midst of acute pain. And here starts the psychological trauma. But, unfortunately, in spite of the best sports medicine facilities available today this psychological factor tends to hardly taken into consideration or for that matter, the mental side in the whole process. Hence the psychological afflictions of the athletes and sportspeople need to be addressed carefully.

Louise Jones of Sports Wales Institute has given an apt solution to counter the psychological disaster of a sportsperson or an athlete. They are as follows:

A passion has its side effects too, particularly in terms of sports. When a sports person exerts his body and squeeze it beyond his capacity at the time of his athletic activity, it is indispensable that an injury might occur at any time; and thereafter, the clinical remedial measures that an athlete should adopt to arrest the affliction of his body as an affected body can remember it even after ten years later and the pain can return back in the form of Osteoarthritis.

             When the elastic cushion consists of a gel-like substance surrounding the body joints, dries up considerably due to the previous injury in the body causes a hell-like situation in physical movements as well as in the psyche of a sports person. So what could be the measures to deal with this acute problem?

Can sports injuries cause arthritis

              Knee injuries are common in Football and in medical terms it is called ‘anterior cruciate ligament’ or (ACL) which is the harbinger of Osteoarthritis. Here are some ways one can prevent to arrest of Osteoarthritis

  1. Resorting to Yoga and pranayama. There are scores of videos available on the Internet. But one must follow the warning: don’t do it in a wrong manner; better contact with experts in these subjects.
  2. Alternative medicine like Homeopathy can be a good measure to solve the recurring problem. Let me suggest a combination of three homoeopathic medicines that can be taken two drops each directly on mouth/ thrice daily for 15 days or else take the advice of homoeopathic doctors who are experts in this field.

They are as follows:




Can your diet help sports injuries

When a sports person resting due to injury and, therefore, not burning calories so much more, there should be a judicious intake of foods at the time of healing so that to keep in mind not to gain overweight and, therefore, taking fibre-rich foods can be an effective strategy.

              The inflammatory tendency in the injured body part can be compensated by taking Protein-rich food, albeit with a little judgment. Another one is the foods enriched with Vitamin –C can be beneficial in recovering tissues properly in the post-injury period.

Sports Medicine in India

According to Dr. Amol A. Patil, Team Doctor (Indian Elite Women Boxing Team) laments the plight as well as the important role, plays by the sports physicians in the recent years to uplift the overall standards of competitors in the international arena. I take the liberty of taking excerpts from his blog post.

             “After the grand success at recently concluded Youth Olympic Games at Buenos Aries and Asian Games at Jakarta, India is slowly climbing up in the overall medal tally on International platform. Our youth is determined to win more medals and display excellent performance in these big events. India is no longer a weak sporting nation. Have you ever wondered that who is behind screen people that made these success stories reality in due course of time?

                Behind every successful athlete, there is a team of coaches, sports physicians, sports physios, scientific experts, strength trainers, federation staff and government support. Many of them do not get recognition even after working hard for years in the sports industry. One of them is Sports Physician with his sports medicine team.”

               In fact, Sports medicine, undeniably, is still in its infancy in India. But in Dr Patil’s assertion, there is growing awareness here to give due importance of Sports medicine due to the growing medal tally of Indian sportspersons in the international competition and the scope of a viable career option in this specialized field that will definitely be growing in the days ahead in this part of the world. 

Madur Mat of Medinipur

Madur-Kathi or reed is a fibre which grows in the swampy marshlands of Medinipur. The local craftsmen make marvellous items of home-decor as well as decorative handicrafts out of this fibre which has, surprisingly, more tensile strength than the jute fibre. These mat-reed items are 100% bio-degradable and nature-friendly and so hardly has any adverse effect on the environment.